About | Adeoti Nurudeen

#get to know me Grasp the brief about me

I am Adeoti, a friendly and experienced Software developer. Over the years, I’ve dealt with various complex applications (web, mobile, and desktop). Coding is no longer a threat to my reach; it’s my second nature.

With Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) languages, I’ve narrowed my focus to building and managing profit-ready and business-driven websites and apps. My clients have repeatedly commended me for handling both the frontend and the backend with an efficient touch.

#the difference is clear What’s different about my service?

Customers-first intention

I place the choice of my clients on the same table with what their business desires; to give the best output.

I build for business

While I only handle Website development and Mobile app development, I upgrade my vast skills in graphic design, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing – for awesome deliverability of business-driven apps.

High-demanding techs

Moving with trend is what I don’t joke with; I frequently upgrade my skills. Despite the fact that I’ve invested in different programing languages and technologies, I find it professional to always move with the latest of those tools; for efficiency and proper security.

Justified billing

I only charge for what matters to quickly and efficiently execute my clients’ projects, and render it for global reach. For other services and benefits like, business support, graphic design, monthly maintenance, etc., I don’t charge a penny.

Time is golden

I don’t toy with what the future can bring; hence, I always strive to deliver my clients’ projects before the concluded timestamp. Delay is not my habit.

Describe it, I will build it

I don’t outsource coding; it’s my part. No matter how robust your app is, in as much as it is a [web or mobile app], count me the right developer to handle it. I have all the ready-to-work technologies within my reach.

…You hire me  ||  I make you happy  ||  Then, we become friends!

So, what are you waiting for?